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That was odd...



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Commencing Hardtack Experiment 1-SD
Will update when progress allows

Experiment halted while waiting for honey to decrystallise. I really should have prepared better than this. Also, am having doubts that this will be a 'small' batch. Did not realize that five cups of solids was really that much.

Do not repeat DO NOT lick shortening spoon if using Crisco. It will only end in sadness. If using Bacon Drippings, it's all good.

STILL waiting for honey to decrystallise. It certainly is taking it's sweet time.

Sufficient honey decrystallised, have new problem. Crisco does not play well with Buttermilk. If texture does not improve with ten minutes more stirring, will simply add present mixture to dry ingredients as directed.

Microwave radiation only makes Crisco angry.

Dough ready and waiting for oven. Recipe is enough for 19 three-inch diameter biscuits, and one funny-shaped one that is too thin. Theorising that if everything was rolled out at a perfectly uniform 1/2-inch thick, would make 20 biscuits.

Checked on biscuits when instructed, still appears half-done. Have flipped over biscuits and placed back in oven for five more minutes. Looks very promising.

Have biscuits on cooling rack. Eaten wonky biscuit to end it's misshapen misery. Absolutely delicious. Next time, will double honey quantity. Am thinking that with sausage and gravy, amazing meal. Will try served with jam/jelly when cooled.

Experiment concluded. Was correct in assuming that Jam/Jelly only enhances tastiness. Also, dollop of Whipped Cream. Served with tea may be ideal.
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