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Right. So, it was not a terribly eventful day. Unless you count waking up, getting ready to get dressed, and then waking up again about fifteen minutes later as interesting. Even then, not too terribly filled with attention-grabbing excitement. I mean, I did hit myself in the face with a sock accidentally, but that's about it.

There was the library being crazy busy today. I had to circle the parking lot twice while waiting for a parking spot to open up so I could start my volunteering today. From what I can tell, they are reorganising the back room where the books are sorted. This makes me a sad panda, since I was just starting to understand where everything is kept.

As a consequence, all of the carts were in use today, so I had to hijack a cart filled with random books. Which means that I had to run all over the library to put everything away properly. This did teach me something more about the organisation of the stacks, though. I also learned that nonfiction computer books are between 004 and 006. Not much else yet, but one of the people who works there says I'll have it down in a couple of weeks.

Afterwards, I hit Target to pick up cookie cutters, since it's been at least a week so they were back in stock. At least, that was my reasoning. Unfortunately, they either sold out of them yet again, or they were never restocked to begin with. So I ended up hitting the food court for a quick dinner. Protip: The Churros from Cinnabon make the baby Jesus cry.

Not much else going on. Headed to my Dad's place in order to continue the packing effort this weekend, and meeting up with a couple of old friends either Sunday or Monday. Goodnight everybody, and stay safe out there.

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