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That was odd...



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Not much happening today. Just have some more cleaning to do and maybe a meetup with some friends. Went out last night, looking for things that have changed since I was last down here, and was sorely disappointed. Not much is different. The food at my Chinese place of choice has gotten better, but that's about it. Also, the movie The Spirit is halfway decent. It was an interesting story, done in a similar style to Sin City, but still very distinct.

But that's not what this post is about. This post is about a couple of ideas that I had while either chatting with Massey, or thinking of how little has changed. First is the idea for a movie. For those of you who are Games Workshop fans, it doesn't need explanation. The following link should clear up a little bit about the game for those who aren't familiar with the title.

Blood Bowl. I want to see this as a movie. I can't believe I never thought of this while the whole football-movie thing was big, but my ideas never spring forward when it would be convenient. I thought of this while watching a commercial preview at the theater. The commercial was for Coca-cola, I believe. Anyway, the theme of it was racial integration, and appeared to be set back in the late '40s, early '50s. The whole scrawny white team versus brawny black team.

The way the black team was presented just brought to mind the savage ferocity of Orks, especially when you saw the naked fear in the eyes of the white team. If I was any good with visual effects and computer modeling, this would be my project. Really, the commercial itself is already blocked out perfectly for it, with the exception of the ending, which would need to be refilmed. If this all seems vague, I apologise. The idea isn't even fully formed in my head, so I'm just throwing ideas out without explaining them.

Anyway, the second idea. This one I blame entirely on drakken22, and his way of inspiring things. For background, I have a new GPS unit. I have it semi-heavily customised, and when I reach my destination it is supposed to play the victory music from Final Fantasy VII. Sadly, I have yet to hear those beautiful notes. But that is neither here nor there. Massey commented on this customisation, claiming that all it needs now is an experiance bar so I could track how good I am at driving places.

What I want to see now is a GPS-based videogame, where you gain experience points and money through difficult driving. I can't really think of a reason for the experience portion, if only to limit the amount of money one gains when driving low-level roads constantly. Anyway, the money is the clever bit. See, you gain money by driving, and can then spend that money to improve your GPS in various ways. Like customising startup screens, getting new maps, and various other special things. I'm not entirely certain yet, but this idea is still in it's infancy.

I do know that there would be special bonuses for inputting a destination and getting there without needing turn-by-turn directions. Call it 'stealth mode', I think. Really, I see this whole thing as an interesting way to get people into navigating to places by themselves, rather than requiring electronics to tell them how to get somewhere. This is a skill that I lack, and believe many of my generation also lack. Sadly, I don't think this game could ever be created, except maybe with the blessing of an already existing GPS manufacturer.

I'm not entirely certain which GPS company I would want to make this. TomTom already has stuff that you can heavily customise, so that's a point in their favour. I prefer Magellan's mapset, since it has not tried to kill me before, but customisation is lacking and the machines themselves appear to want me dead. I have not played with any of the Garmin units, so I can't pass judgement on them.

Anyway, that's all for today, I think. If I come up with any other awesome ideas, I'll definitely post them. Stay safe out there, everybody.
  • You mean a road-rally type game, only for GPS sets?
    • Similar, but not a race. Multiplayer could be a factor, but I am as yet uncertain. Really, I'm aiming for this thing to stress following safe driving measures. Like, speeding would penalise the player. I was thinking that it would folow the experience and leveling system like standard RPG systems. Maybe I could hook Geocaching in with it, but I'm not certain. Tons of ideas about this, just wanted to set down the basic premise.
      • DUUUDE...linked up GPS's for road trips with more than one car. winner gets to steal one of the loser's items. also, if you're in front, you get more exp for leading the way. you lose xp if you get lost however.

        also, i love the idea of emphasising on safe driving by penalizing someone who drives. i figure that the rewards would be, say a chibi chocobo that dances on screen when you dont have a destination, video of the drive, an actual rpg that you can play when you've unlocked enough points and such.

        god, now i cant keep up with my thoughts. god damn this is a cool idea.
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