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Recap of impromptu hiatus

Right. So, I am finally home safe and sound. Departure had been postponed due to icy roads, which gave me a little more time to spend with friends. This means that I finally played Assassin's Creed, and I must say that it is one of the most interesting games that uses parkour as a method of getting around. Honestly, parkour fascinates me.

I mean, it was originally conceived as a way to provide people with the ability to pass over and around obstacles as quickly as possible in an emergency situation. It also stresses personal development, and the founder wants it to remain a non-competitive sport. All of these things are subjects I can support.

I think I posted about parkour before, so I'm just going to attempt to recap the past few days. It's been a busy weekend, I can tell you that. I ended up clearing two bags of garbage out of my old room, as well as clearing out my old dresser and getting rid of the desk. Found out later that Sister wanted the desk, but unfortunately it was destroyed in getting it out of the room. Even if I had known, I don't think that I could have gotten the desk out in one piece.

Sunday evening I went to hang out with drakken22, who fed me spaghetti with a giant honkin' meatball. He also fed me some soup that he could not remember what it was. He had a remarkably cavalier attitude about feeding me mystery food, which was absolutely hilarious. He also convinced me to try eating mushrooms again, a decision which I promptly regretted. So for the record: I despise the texture of mushrooms. Please stop trying to get me to eat them when they are still recognisably mushrooms.

After the delicious (if a tad bit mysterious) meal, ended up trucking Massey over to Branden's place. We had intended to spend the night and leave late Monday afternoon, but an ice storm in the area meant that we decided to play it safe and wait until it was over. This had the delightful side-effect of letting us all hang out together for a much longer period of time. This is how I got to play Stab Guards and Run Around Rooftops Creed.

Also played Mass Effect and Crackdown; both are filled with copious amounts of win, awesome, and fun. Of the two, I think I prefer Mass Effect. It has moral decisions that are not clear-cut, as well as several ways to approach each story point. Crackdown (while filled with gang-obliterating fun) just does not seem to be that compelling in the face of tough decisions. Of course, Assassin's Creed has the both of them beat all hollow.

Anyway, I also got to try out a game that I purchased a long while ago. Bitin' Off Hedz is a game that is incredibly simple, and yet tons of fun. It's intended for two to eight players, which may be an issue if the Meetup on the 17th results in more than eight people attending. Hopefully we end up with too many people, as that means this meetup thing is working. Of course, room may then become an issue.

I've played the game with three players, and it seems to take about fifteen minutes, including the race for second place. However, some of the reviews claim that the game becomes interminable after five or six players total. I suppose we shall find out for myself when we get to it. I do think that the game itself will be much more interesting with more players, since there isn't much player interaction when three players are spread across the board.

Woke up today at 11.30, got on the road at 12.15 or so. Drove thirty miles out of my way to take Massey home, where we encountered two branches in the road. After successfully dropping him off, I headed back down the road to discover that a road crew had removed slmost all of the two obstructions. Had I delayed my departure by eight minutes, I would have encountered nothing. Take that, people who dislike procrastination!

Anyway, the rest of the trip home was rather uneventful, despite being in the rain and on the beltway. In total I drove about one hundred miles today, and spent twenty five dollars on gasoline for the weekend. Of course, I started the journey with a half-tank of gas, which does explain why I spent so much. Unfortunately, I seem to be getting only about twenty-three miles to the gallon. So, I need to find out why Sasha is gulping down fuel without giving me good results.

Also, I have finally archived this journal. A few days back Grandmother asked what I would do in the event that this journal gets ganked, and I had no answer. This didn't really concern me too terribly much, but I did have an uneasy feeling. Finally, twistedchick managed to light a fire under my butt with this post. So, I have this whole thing backed up with LJ Archive, which has a couple of interesting features.

First, is the word frequency analyser. Ignoring common words and anything under four letters, the word I have used most often over nearly four hundred posts is the word 'anyway'. It shows up a total of 153 times. That's a little under once every two posts. If I include four-letter words (still discounting common ones), the most common word is 'post'. I apparently talk about posting quite a bit.

The other nifty feature is called a 'Regressive Imagery Analysis'. I'm fairly certain that it is utter B.S., but I think it's interesting nonetheless. It uses Freudian symbolism, which automatically makes me defensive, since I strongly disagree with essentially all of Freud's work. However, the results that were returned upon analysis of my journal did surprise me greatly.

Top 3 Categories
Regressive Imagery Analysis for edminster's journal
Compared to: Everyone
Moral Imperative98.5%98.5%
What does this mean?

Apparently, my Id is driven by Sound (General Sensation follows at 67.6), Ego by Passivity (followed very closely by Chaos at 97.2), and my emotions are ruled by a Moral Imperative (Order follows at 79). I do hope that the results are incorrect, as I do not want to think of myself as being more moral than 98% of the livejournal community that uses this program. If the results are accurate (and assuming Freud was right), it is rather interesting that I am subconsciously ruled by Sound. That might be an interesting story, now that I think about it.

I was unable to make Pizza tonight, so I think I will shift that to Sunday, assuming there are no complications. I can't think of anything else that I wanted to cover, so that's all for tonight. Goodnight everybody, and stay safe out there.

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