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Right. So, I keep poking at ljArchive. I'm not certain why, but it just intrigues me. I also find it interesting that over the past three years and ten months, I only have seven posts that I did not think good enough to be read by everyone. While that is an interesting tidbit of information, that is not my topic for the day.

I have heard that (through cellular die-off and growth) the human body is essentially a different organism every seven years. Newer research is placing that number closer to fifteen years, but the basic idea is the same. I am not who I was several years ago, literally and metaphorically.

Hopefully the things that I disliked are mostly gone, leaving behind only those things that I enjoyed. Should negative traits persist, I hope that they are few and mild. Ah, who am I kidding, trying to sound all retrospective and erudite? All I hope for this new year is that things don't get any worse.

That's not to say that I am living a horrible life, for I consider myself rather blessed. I have friends, I have family, and I have my health. Sadly, I have almost no money to speak of. That's something that I am working to change, so hopefully that will not be on my list of deficits this time next year.

Something that I am aiming for this year is regular updates, as this is how many of the people I know keep tabs on me. But before I get people thinking that this post is about New Year's Resolutions, I should probably move away from the topic of what I intend to do, and get to what I have done.

Reading through all of my posts, I think I see several overlapping phases. In the beginning, I was just a common Newb, posting randomly and without real content. Second Phase starts at around thirty-five posts in, where I start seriously considering this blog as more than just a meme-and-quiz dump. I started posting about my real life, and the adventures that I went on.

Around post fifty or so I start into the Angsty Teen phase. For a fairly large period of time essentially all of my posts were about my fears and feelings of inadequacy. In reading I discovered that it wasn't Wal*Mart that got me into a Nocturnal schedule, after all. It was Superpetz, and it's shoving me on closing shift.

Included in the angst was the discovery that I truly enjoy writing. With this discovery came a renewed sense of hope in the world, and the posts following it seem to reflect this. Sure, there are some bad times, but they are looked at in a light that casts them as humourous rather than pathetic. Also, horrendous typographical and grammatical errors abounded.

June of 2005 was an interesting month. It was filled with creativity, but it also produced the finest piece of whining that I have ever written. Sadly, one of the issues from the whiny post has returned, albeit with a different person. Anyway, the month also brought my realisation of who I really am. This realisation marks the beginning of the transformation into my current writing style.

Unfortunately, this transformation seems to have stripped the freneticism from my writings. I have been going through my archive, and am struck by how incredible some of the posts are. Particularly this one. Seriously, what happened to that talent I used to possess? I mean, there is that story I wrote on Christmas Eve, but that's just one piece out of many many posts.

And this one. What is missing, that I can no longer create this? But this post is not intended to bemoan my lack of creativity. It is here to take stock of where I have been and where I am going. Anyway, after many sporadic updates I finally got back on a regular posting track for NaNoWriMo 2008.

I then proceeded to succeed at the challenge, proving that I can do things that I have previously called impossible. This then led to my updating regularly throughout December, and I am rapidly approaching an update schedule unseen since the early days of this blog. I am worried though, since writing these is starting to become an addiction.

I mean, I can't really sleep comfortably without having made my thoughts on the day known, and writing makes it so that I do not forget things. I'm glad I read through the archive tonight, since I had completely forgotten about what happened to the squeaky purple vampire chew toy that I used to have. As it turns out, it was sent to imabeeinabox for one of the gift-giving days.

I think that's a good place for me to stop for the day. Goodnight everybody, and stay safe out there.

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