Eddie (edminster) wrote,

Just another day.

Right. So, today was slightly more routine than I would have thought. Got up at 10.30, received telephone call from my Mother asking me something about Pizza around 10.30.45. I don't remember what the question was at this point, as I was not really conscious. Something about Pepperoni?

Anyway, Mom and Stepdad show up between 30 and 45 minutes later, bearing delicious pizza. I refrained from eating, as my stomach had yet to wake up. However, Pizza was not the reason that they drove fifty-odd miles. The intent of the visit was to check the sump pumps, as well as make sure the water heater was clear of sediment.

Ended up digging a good pound or two of clay sediment from the well of one of the pumps, as well as adjusting it. A lot. Not entirely certain if the pump actually would have worked if water found it's way inside, as the float-thingy would have gotten caught before it would activate the pump. It was proved that it would not work by actually pouring water into the well-thingy the pump rests in.

Cleared as much sediment from the Water Heater as possible; only stopped because the plastic spigot was expanding from heat enough to begin leaking. Still, the water was running pretty clear by the end of it, so not terribly concerned. Cannot remember if there was anything else that happened with routine maintenence, with the exception of cutting off water supply to external spigots.

Had pizza around 12.30ish, as stomach was finally admitting that food may be a laudable idea. Lounged around briefly before baking a couple of quiche. Attempted new variation with less-than-stellar results. This variation was adding a handful of chopped baby spinach leaves. Sadly, the results were rather bland. I must admit that I was counting on spinach to have a stronger flavour.

Next time I shall add 1/6 teaspoon of salt to any quiche that does not contain any bacon. Did add carrot to both regular quiche and variation, sweetness was welcome. Not enough to save variation blandness, but welcome nonetheless. Did discover that fifteen minutes is too little time in the oven, as both quiche were unacceptably watery to me. Opinions of Mom and Grandmother disagree with my thoughts.

Am planning to wake up far earlier than I normally do in an attempt to not be left out of trip to Little Mexico. Have been assured that Tamales will be present. You can get me to do most anything with the promise of hot tamales. It's my weakness. So, I am attempting to go to sleep early.

Anyway, not much else happened today. Tomorrow I learn how to use Yeast by making Pizza Dough. Goodnight everybody, and stay safe out there.

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