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Interesting Times

Right. So, remember how I said yesterday wasn't very interesting? Today was incredibly interesting to make up for it. Woke up around 11.00, after going to sleep around 03.00 and being woken up repeatedly between 07.00 and 10.00. Ended up not going to Little Mexico, but tamales were obtained anyway by Mom and Grandmother. Yay!

Went to see the movie "Doubt" at the Greenbelt theater, where a ticket to "Repo! The Genetic Opera" was purchased for me. It's a midnight showing on the 17th, which makes me kinda glad that the meetup has been rescheduled to the 24th. Doubt was an interesting movie, and an incredibly apt title.

On the way home, we picked up some replacement water lines for the washing machine, which were installed fairly quickly. We tested the washer to make sure everything was working, at which point we became baffled as to why the water was not running. We checked the valves to make sure they were running, and they were open and (supposedly) running. So, we figured that maybe they were installed backwards.

So, we flipped 'em around and tried the washer again. It didn't work. It was at this point that I realised that we had left the valves closed while swapping the direction of the pipes. We opened them back up, and the washer worked fine. So, we got that done nicely. Went upstairs for a nice breather, and started towards the kitchen to put the quiche in the oven. At which point I heard the water-on-the-floor alarm ringing from the basement.

Ran down to the basement, expecting the new pipes to have burst or started leaking, at which point I realised that the alarm was not coming from the washroom. Instead, it was coming from the room with the water heater. Ran there, and noticed the giant pool of water reaching across the room. Ran back upstairs to get Mom, at which point we began the laborious task of cleaning up.

Apparently, the plastic drain spigot had failed, so water was pouring out at a rather nice clip. So, I grab the shutoff valve and turn off the flow from incoming pipe. The water did not slow down at all, much to my chagrin. It was a few minutes later that I realised that this house has a gas stove and a gas heating unit, as well as a gas dryer. So, I had a vague idea that maybe I had shut off the gas line rather than the water line.

I checked around the water heater and sure enough, there was a second red handle. Shut that down and the flow trickled to a stop. Went out to Home Depot and purchased a replacement faucet, noticing that all of the faucets available were brass, whre the currently existing faucet was plastic. Grabbed a new faucet and some teflon tape to ensure a good seal, and headed home.

After draining the water heater for what seemed like many many hours, we started on trying to remove the plastic faucet. Which had been in place for well over 17 years. Which broke off just about flush with the threads when I attempted to unscrew it. This is why you use metal for all of your plumbing needs. After about twenty minutes, we managed to remove the plastic left behind, and a further ten minutes made certain that the replacement faucet was placed in there nicely.

So, I have learned my lesson, and will never call any day uninteresting for at least a week and a half. That's all for tonight, folks. Good night everybody, and stay safe out there.

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