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That was odd...

Right. So, while I was working today, a man approached me with two…

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Right. So, while I was working today, a man approached me with two middle-school-aged children flanking him. Now, I had been dropping a few eaves, so I had heard him telling the younger of the two children to put back a couple of books because they were too 'complex'. Sadly, I did not note what books they were, as I was busy tracking down where The Island of Dr. Moreau was supposed to go.

Anyway, the man asked me a series of questions. These questions all involved various books that he believed to have been penned by Charles Dickens. The list includes, but is not limited to:

Tom Sawyer
Moby Dick
To Kill A Mockingbird
Animal Farm

Now, I appreciate that this man is trying to get his children interested in some of the great literary works, but there is a flaw in his cunning plan. Namely, his lack of knowledge. One would think that before recommending books for children, one would actually know what one is talking about. As it stands, I'm still not certain whether to laugh or cry about this man's ignorance.
  • Laughing or Crying

    While his ignorance is sad, on the half glass full side, at least he was in the library with the kids. You didn't say how you responded but I hope you were able to help him and his kids out.

    • Re: Laughing or Crying

      I was able to help them out, as well as provide the correct authors in as polite a way possible.
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