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Rainbow Cake-in-a-mug

Right. So, I finally made a rainbow cake-in-a-mug. Now, I don't have to think about it anymore! Time to find a new recipe to obsess about for the next few days.

Start with 6 Tablespoons flour sifted with 4 Tablespoons sugar

Take the juice of one Egg and combine with flour mixture.

Look at me combine!

Add 3 Tablespoons of milk

Along with 3 Tablespoons oil (not pictured: splash of vanilla)

Mix thoroughly.

Split into four portions and add food colouring. Then, pour carefully into a lightly-oiled coffeemug.


Place mug in 1200 Watt Holy Microwave of Divine Power for two and a half minutes.

Flip out onto a plate.

What it looks like inside!

Goodnight everybody, and stay safe out there.
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