Eddie (edminster) wrote,

Attempted to make souffle today, and it ended in disaster. The outer inch and a half was perfectly cooked, but the rest of it was still liquid. It should be like biting into a cloud, not like eating pudding! Grah. Anyway, I think what went wrong was the fact that I attempted to make a souffle.

Also, I used a recipe that I can't find the source for. Apparently, the recipe has been passed around the internet so much that the place I got it from is part of at least four hundred different sites. Ah, well. It's better that I can no longer find the original site, that way I can't inflict it on you.

I did find a recipe for a couple of small ones that looks much more promising. I figure that a smaller souffle will cook all the way through much better than one that is a good foot in diameter. Hopefully I am correct, but I won't find out until I actually make it. I don't know when that will be, though.

The next thing I want to learn from scratch would most likely be hamburgers. Particularly the kind that one of my friends calls a 'loaded' burger. Essentially, it has all of the ingredients that you would put on top of the burger actually in the burger. You know, like pickles, cheese, onions, and other stuff.

Anyway, it's ten minutes 'til RHD.
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