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That was odd...



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Does anyone else hate the fact that it doesn't really snow anymore? All we get now is big flakes of lard from some unidentified source. On the one hand, yeah, it's not that freezing pain that snow was. On the other hand, it's an even bigger mess to take care of after the fact. Do you know how much degreaser I go through during the winter now? But on the gripping hand, it's just a religious fiasco.

We've got Jews and Muslims and Seventh-day Adventists bitching that it's pork fat, we've got Hindu people screaming that it's beef fat, we've got Vegans going nuts because it's fat period, and we've got conspiracy theorists saying that it's The Illuminati in one of their typically inscrutable plans. Seriously, get a life you people! All it is is another thing we have to deal with.

At least it's not as cold.
  • I heard that it's actually a form of dandruff that no one has identified the source of as of yet.

    It does make cooking easier though, instead of buying oil now we just wait for it to fall from the sky during the "winter" and store it up for use the rest of the year.
    • And we don't have to worry about running out of fuel ever again. Converted diesel engines FTW!
  • ok, im either out of the loop on some in joke that you got going on, or you have just lost your mind, brotha.
    lol, pretty funny though.
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