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That was odd...



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Right. So, a while back I mentioned that my playlist is a mere six songs played over and over. Now, I have finally figured out how to set up an account with a file-sharing service, so I can pass these songs on to you! Since I'm really only going to use the service to send out a single 21.2MB file, I feel rather silly for doing it. However, I think the effort will be worth it if anyone else enjoys the music.

The Playlist! (preview links provided when possible)

A warning: half of the songs are chiptunes. As a result, they have a much harsher sound than most people are used to. Hopefully this does not dissuade you from listening, as they are incredibly enjoyable upbeat songs that I use to remove earworms.

1. I, Cactus - "Bamboo Cactus"
Now, the term 'ZOMG BSET SONGG EVAR!' is thrown around a lot these days. I wish that I could call this the best song in existence, but I have not heard every other song yet so I cannot claim it objectively. However, of all the music that I listen to, this one resonates with me the most. There's just something about it that sends me into a state of bliss.

2. Psilodump - 'låtsades krama'
I really like the instrument choice in this song, since it reminds me of the music in the 'Æon Flux' animated series. Of course, I use the word 'instrument' very loosely, because this song (like all the others on this list) was created entirely without the use of physical instruments. Yay computer synthesis!

3. Factor6 - Flimbo's Quest
This one requires left and right channels to hear properly, because otherwise you'll only hear half of the music. It's short, it's quirky, and it's apparently a remix of the theme song from an old C64 game by the same name. I think it sounds best in headphones, but I think that of almost all of the songs here. Of course, with these headphones everything sounds awesome.

4. Bit Shifter - Reformat the Planet
Much faster than the previous entry, which provides a nice contrast. This song is one of the reasons that I no longer listen to music whilst I drive, since I cannot seem to regulate my speed effectively. Of course, the same issue occurs with all music past 150BPM for me. So, no DDR music either. Fortunately, I am not confined to my car at all hours, so I can listen just fine at home.

5. Phlogiston - Cyber Axe Café
I don't know why, but this just reminds me of a pulp detective story in a cyberpunk world. I see a hard-bitten detective, refusing to change his ways. Bottle of whisky in his desk, .38 special in his shoulder holster, rotary telephone on the desk (all despite it being the year 20XX). Makes me want a trenchcoat and a fedora, which is always a good thing. I might have to write a detective story now. Too bad I don't know how to create a convincing mystery.

6. Windows Medley
Yeah. I have no idea where I got this, but I know it was freely offered by the artist because I have it. Interesting note: This song was created using nothing but sound effects from various Windows operating systems. While this song does benefit from having stereo audio, it doesn't suffer too terribly much without it. Again, my headphones Rock.

So, now that I've given as much a preview as I can, here are the songs. Hopefully you enjoy, and if you have any earworms that you listen to on purpose I would love to know what they are. Goodnight everybody, and stay safe out there.
  • I would point you to some of the artists I enjoy, but it appears that your tastes in music are closer to phoenixalpha and jamestrainors' than mine; they both prefer a lot more electronica than I do.
    • It's not so much that I prefer electronica to anything else, it's more that there are very few non-electronic artists that give away their music, and even fewer good ones. For music that employs instruments, I'm a fan of Swing, Klezmer, and Gypsy Rock. This is why I really enjoy the Squirrel Nut Zippers, and am happy whenever I stumble across videos of them.
      • Indeed, in music as with so many other things, you get what you pay for. It wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't a lot of the older swing/big band music out there in the public domain, though a lot of it may have been snapped up by niche publishers such as Jazzology or Stomp Off Records.
  • This, my friend, is an excellent recipe for endless hours of looping music. :) I actually prefer listening to music without vocals while doing homework (words interrupt my thoughts!), so this has been helping me get through my present assignment quite well, haha.
    • Oh, and I was actually listening to all of these without headphones at first... then when I put mine on for #3, I really understood what you meant! This song definitely needs the left and right channels. :)
      • Huzzah! All of my effort was not in vain! Seriously, I use these songs whenever I have something stuck in my head, or when I'm cleaning, or when I'm readiing, or anytime. Which one's your favourite so far?
        • I really enjoy I, Cactus. :) It's happy and relaxing sounding all at once.

          I think Psilodump is my favorite though! I like its energy.

          Actually, going back and forth between the two, I can't decide which I really like better. They're both pretty awesome.
          • That's why they're the first two in the playlist. Personally, I enjoy "Bamboo Cactus" just a teensy bit more than "låtsades krama", but both of them are super-enjoyable.

            There's a joy in Bamboo Cactus that I don't feel in låtsades krama. It's the joy of Life. An Exultation of Existence, if you will. Of course, I may be reading too much into it, but that's how I feel.
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