Eddie (edminster) wrote,


Grah. Am at Dad's house cleaning out my old room, listening to my earworms on a small mono audio CD player. I never really realised just how much "Flimbo's Quest" suffers without both channels. I mean yeah, I knew intellectually that it would suck, but I didn't think it would be that bad. Beyond that, not much news. I plan to drop off the Shogun Megazord off at Massey's tomorrow, whether he's home or not. Also going to drop off some tax stuff at Mom's, fill my tank, and head back to UP.

A while back I picked up All the Colors of Darkness, by Lloyd Biggle Jr., and I finished it in one sitting. It's either fast-paced, or I couldn't put it down, I'm not sure. Regardless, it's an interesting mystery set in the 1980's (it was written in the '60s, so it's spec-fic) that has a nice ending. It's not terribly memorable, but should you see it floating around in a library I do recommend picking it up.

Also, I had picked up Revelation Space at about the same time. This one took me a couple of weeks to get through, despite only being about two and a half times the length of the mystery novel. It's "hard" sci-fi, but it just seemed interminable. This is understandable though, since it's the foundation to a trilogy, several novellas, and a few short stories. For what I bought it for, a great price. Over the thirty-three cents I paid, I wouldn't seek it out.

And with that, I'm off to dinner. Goodnight everyone, and stay safe out there.

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