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All Homework and no play makes Nick a sleepy boy.

Seriously. I cannot do homework, or I drop off into dreamland. Which isn't so bad, except when you have stuff due soon, and allyou can think of is things and stuff. :yawn:
Also, it's official. We had to fire one of the cashiers at work. Whixh means that I was stuck working last night training the new cashier instead of being at home getting some rest. Gawd I hate the 1400-2200 shift. It screws with my sleep schedule too much. especially when I'm not getting enough sleep because I wake up while the sun is rising.

Horrible day today. woke up late, ran out the door, got on my bike, started riding, stopped suddenly because the stupid thing was still locked to the fence, jumped off, unlocked it, realised it was way too cold to be out without a jacket, ran inside, got one, got on the bike, started venting. I was cursing to myself for wasting an education during high school when I had to stop riding because there was construction blocking the sidewalk and one lane of Rosemont. Which means I had to convince people who were late to work to let a kid on a bicycle merge into their lane for all of ten yards. needless to say, they weren't moving. so i had to circle through a parking lot in order to get back on the sidewalk further down. when I passed Heather Ridge, I started cursing myself for not learning more there, and contemplating what to yell if there were any students out. there weren't any. got onto the sidewalk next to opossumtown pike, and had to pedal downhill because the wind was that bad. got to class about ten minutes late, apologised to the teacher, and plopped into my seat. being a computer class, i did the day's work in five minutes, and just surfed the 'net for a while. went to english class, was bored out of my skull, went home.

The only bright part of my day was when Stacie called me. It made me all happy again.
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