Eddie (edminster) wrote,

So, you know that part of your brain that says, "Hey! This might be a good book! Get it get it getitgetit!", and won't shut up ntil you give in? That's the part of my brain that caused me to borrow this book from the Library today. I remain hopeful that it will not be horrible, but recognise that it may very well destroy my mind.

Of course, I also borrowed Catch-22 along with it, again because of that part of my brain. I've not read it before, so I'm hoping that all of the people who like it are correct in their beliefs. Wish me luck!

Yeah. I'm 75 pages into Driven and I'm not sure what to think. I'm alternately intrigued by and infuriated with the characters in the story. I mean that literally, too. The characters, individually, are simultaneously awesome and people that I want to kill because of stupidity. It's interesting how the times I want them dead correlate fairly nicely to the 'romantic' parts of the story. So, I'm putting it down for the night in order to play San Andreas for some nice catharsis.
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