Eddie (edminster) wrote,

It's a conspiracy!

I don't know how he did it. By all rights he should be rotting in some dead-end job as a mechanic's helper, rather than this playboy millionaire who always has the Next Big Idea. Where does he get these plans for all of this stuff? Is he really such a creative genius? That can't be true.

He tells the press that he only came up with one brilliant thing, and they all chuckle together, thinking that Saul's being modest. Some halfheartedly try and figure which idea it was, but I don't think they'll ever guess. Hell, I'm not even sure what it is, but I have a theory.

Saul's a compulsive liar. I've known him long enough to have that pretty well figured out. Not a liar in that he fabricates, a liar in that he omits crucial pieces of information. When he says that he only came up with one thing, that's the truth. None of the rest of his ideas were actually his.

I don't mean that he isn't the one to first state the idea, or put it on paper or anything. Grah. I don't have the vocabulary for this sort of thing. I'm trying to say that he's stealing ideas, without ever... I don't know how to phrase it correctly, so I'm just going to skip to what I know for certain.

Years ago, when we were both working in my uncle's bottling plant, he told me about an incredible dream he had. It was all about how to bottle up creativity, and that this will be the Next Big Thing, ushering a new era of technological marvels. He told me that he had written down the formula when he woke up, but told me that nothing would come of it, most likely.

I think he did it, though. I think he bottled up as much creativity as he could, and has been rationing it ever since. Again, this is only a theory, but I think it's right. Of course, there's also a flipside to this bottling of potential.

Creativity is a finite resource. Think of it like Oil. We're all tapped in to the reserves, but we all have different-capacity pumps. Further, we have to split what creativity we get into the various aspects of our lives. We can join together and pool our resources of Creativity together, thus allowing us to do the impossible. Reaching the Moon is one example of this.

To make a long story short, Saul has essentially stripped us all of our ability to Create. Those people with larger pumps can still manage new content, but your average person barely has enough to get through each day. You've seen it. People who can't come up with things off the top of their head, people who can't write music, people who can't write.

Look at the Patent Office. The only people who have filed for truly innovative patents are Saul and the people he hangs out with. There are a couple of outliers, but a bit of digging told me that they had been in contact with Saul before the Patents were filed. Saul is destroying our birthright, and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

After all, we can't think ourselves out of a wet paper bag.
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