Eddie (edminster) wrote,

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Been a busy day today. Shelved somewhere around 500 books in the four hours of volunteer work, thanks to some higher up having the absolutely brilliant idea of sending someone down to sort the carts before they hit the stacks. Normally I would only manage about 300, so I am indescribably happy about how much more efficient today was. Seriously, the entire time I was just humming along to this song, I was so happy about shelving.

I love mindless tedium where I get to keep moving. Being able to just... stop thinking for a while is something that I find more and more enjoyable as the years go by. I don't really think that it's healthy for me to feel this way, but at least I'm not destroying my ability to think by using drugs and alcohol to get to that state of disconnection. Anyway, that's all I had on my mind. Goodnight everybody, and stay safe out there.

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