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That was odd...

Potato Soup Recipe Modification, and other news

Potato Soup Recipe Modification, and other news

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Right. So, today was a rather pleasant day, all things considered. Went out to a Taqueria for some absolutely amazing tacos, went to the panaderia next door to it for some excellent bread for the week. Before all that we hit Home Depot to get replacement hoses (withOUT restrictors) for the washing machine. Got home, swapped the hoses fine, ended that whole fiasco.

Ended up taking a walk (weather was GORGEOUS) in the afternoon to get tax forms for Grandmother. Seriously, the weather was nice enough that I didn't really need the overshirt that I was wearing. I wonder if there is a place that has weather like that year-round?

Anyway, got home, rested a bit, and started a batch of potato soup. This time, I added a chicken breast diced into cubes about the same size as the potato. I cooked that in 2 1/4 cups of chicken broth, until the liquid reduced by half a cup, and then used a full cup of heavy whipping cream in place of the mixture of milk and cream I used before. Seriously, this soup keeps getting better every time I make it. I half expect money to spontaneously form during the cooking process next time.

I think the next variation on the potato soup will be to add carrots in place of the chicken. Apparently my Grandmother's Book Club will next be on Ash Wednesday, so I am trying to come up with dishes that do not include meat to serve. Thankfully, I've been attempting vegetarian versions of basically everything that I make, so that shouldn't be too difficult. Speaking of which, I'm still trying to wrap my head around making Beef Stew vegetarian. Without using soy products, that is.

That's all I can remember that I wanted to share with everybody for now. Goodnight everybody, and stay safe out there.
  • Yay for warm weather! It really was a nice day. :) Spring is such a refreshing time of year... I'm excited that it'll be starting up soon enough.

    It makes me so happy to know you make vegetarian versions with many of your recipes. I grew up in a household that was very much against anything meatless, so the change wasn't expected from me. :) But my mom has more or less successfully created beef stew without meat or soy. Hers is definitely a good start but I don't think she aspires to make it a delicacy. I think you'll do well using the traditional veggie ingredients and spices. Good luck!!

    Is there a reason you don't want to use soy products, by the way?
    • I'm aiming to steer clear of soy products because I feel that there is an over-reliance upon it in vegetarian cooking. Yes, it's basically the bast bean possible for a diet that doesn't include the trace vitamins and minerals that come from meat, but it just feels... cliché.

      Also, I do realise that this is a horrible reason to avoid doing something, but I stand by it. At least, right up until the point where I learn how to make tofu.
      • Good enough reason for me!

        I had grown very accustomed to cooking with soy, but my boyfriend has a soy allergy... so these days I'm busy trying to cook soy-free vegetarian food too! :)
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