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That was odd...

Meme and plans

Meme and plans

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Right. So, I've been in a non-posting mode for the past week or so, and I need to get back on track. Not entirely certain how, as I've not had too terribly much to talk about.

Anyway, this coming week is going to have a couple of big cooking days. I've got to make a triple-batch of Potato Soup (vegetarian style because of Ash Wednesday) for the Book Club meeting, and then a triple batch of the Beef Stew for the Games night this weekend. I'm worried about the book club one, since I never got around to making a fully vegetarian version before.

The Beef Stew I do not anticipate being an issue, as the only change will be the size. Hopefully everybody likes it, but I'm not too worried since the Quiche went over so well last time. Anyway, here's a meme.

It's called a Johari Window, and it's meant to tell me how other people view me. The adjectives are almost completely positive (which makes me initially skeptical of it), but there is a counterpart called a Nohari window that fulfills my desire of balanced representation of my positive qualities with my flaws.

Johari Window
Nohari Window

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  • Foods

    OK, tried the meatloaf recipe and interestingly it was by far the best tasting one we've ever had. Moist and tasty thanks!

    So with the Potato soup veg style...what did you end up doing differently?

    • Re: Foods

      Used vegetable broth instead of Chicken broth, added two sliced carrots, used cream of celery instead of cream of chicken, and added half a cup of peas and corn.
  • I wanted to do the Nohari window too for the sake of balance, but it seemed too negative to describe you!

    Hope all the cooking has been going well. :)
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