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That was odd...



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Um, so, apparently the zombie movie that I was an extra in is screening TONIGHT in DC as part of the Artomatic festival thing that's going on. I plan on going, because I have yet to see it. Anybody else going to be there? The movie is called Deadlands 2: Trapped and it screens at 21.00 on the third floor in the Suntrust screening room.

Apparently it's at the Navy Yard metro stop West Entrance (green line represent!)

Yes, this is short notice. Anybody going to be there anyway?

Turns out when I got there that it was closed by the Fire Marshal for safety reasons. I am beginning to suspect that I shall never see the movie I was a part of.
  • I was supposed to be there! But got the call about 8 pm that they hadn't yet satisfied the fire marshall. Will they reschedule?

    Also - note that the theme at Artomatic for the evening of June 21 is apparently "Zombie Prom"!
    • I just sent an e-mail to the director/writer of the movie asking this question, but I do not have high hopes.

      Also man, why is everything happening during the weekend of the 20th? I'm helping O move, I gotta call my dad and wish him a happy birthday, and now I have to figure a way to Artomatic on Sunday in my Zombie Survivor gear. Ugh!
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