Eddie (edminster) wrote,


Right. I haven't updated in a while because I have been slightly busy over at my father's house. The first piece of news is that I got a new set of sunglasses. Well, I guess they're less like sunglasses, and more like Shade 5 welder's goggles that I spray-painted black.
Got stuff in the mail over the weekend. The first and foremost item was my order from Amazon, which was a copy of The Princess Bride, both as a hardcover book, and a special edition DVD. Second, and slightly cooler, Ray Hargreaves sent me a copy of Pixel Vision, his latest album. If you are at all interested in original music in the oldskool videogame genre, I highly recommend it.Ray is selling these CD's for five bucks each, but with the quality of the music, as well as the sheer style in putting it together, I suggest giving at least twice as much, if not more.
Guess that's all for this update.
Tags: linktastic, news, past midnight

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