Eddie (edminster) wrote,

So, today at work, near the end of my shift, a couple purchases a pair of mice. Now, this isn't unusual per se, but their conversation on the way to the register was. It went along the lines of:

Girl: Do we have everything we need for our new pets?

Guy: Did you get food for them?

Girl: Why would I need to get food for them? They're feeder mice or something, they don't eat.

Guy: Are you sure about that?

Me: *eye twithing*

Girl: Yeah, I'm pretty sure. Hang on, lemme ask this guy here... Hey, cashier dude, these mice don't need food, right?

Me: *eye twitch* We feed ours a quality mouse food, which can be found in aisle one.

Girl: I know you guys have to feed them, but we don't, right?

Me: *eye twitch* Yes, you do.

Gawd, I hate stupid people. I mean, for chrissakes, what the hell kind of world are we living in where these people roam free? My head hurts. And as some parting words of wisdom, Don't Eat Paste.
Tags: bitchblogging

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