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That was odd...



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Right, so today I'm gonna just ramble about what's been worrying me, first being most worrisome, last being least.

1. Stacie will lose her concentration while driving and die in a horrible accident.

2. I am not good enough for Stacie, and that she will figure this out and dump me in a horribly painful fashion.

3. My writing is utter crap and should be burned in front of me.

4. I will fail all my classes this semester, and be forced to take a year off from school before re-applying.

5. People will claim that I am a fictional person, created by one of my friends in order to post unpopular ideas.

6. Everybody I talk with online is just humouring me, and nobody really likes me.

7. I will never be able to secure low interest rates because my contribution to the Heinlein Society overdrafted my account by three cents.

8. None of this will be read by anyone.

9. I will be kicked out of where I currently live for not having straight A's

10. Belgium doesn't exist.

There you go, my most pressing worries.

Quote I am reminded of by writing this list:

"Hey, has any of you guys seen my son, Chris Griffen? Yeah... I'm looking for CHRIS GRIFFIN? He's here to finger the guy who robbed that convenience store? His name is CHRIS GRIFFIN? I have a picture of him here somewhere... Yeah, you can hold on to that. Chris ruined it by writing his school schedule and a list of his fears all over the back."
-Peter Griffen
  • 1. i am a very safe driver. all will be fine, and if it does happen i will be very happy when i die due to the fact that i am at peace whenever i am drive.
    2. Nick you idiot! I love you, youre the best! kay, dont forget that! kay! *huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs* love love love you! theres noone better. ever. got it? good. keep it. or ill kill ya....then bring ya back cause i love ya.
    3. not as far as i know....just think of how bad mitchell's is, that'll cheer ya right up....
    4. youre not a failure. at all. so just no...
    5. you are my nick-i-poo...i sure as hell hope youre not fictional..that would make me very sad...
    6. yep youre right. i dont like you either. as a matter of fackt....wait of course i dont like you thats cause i LOVE you and thats much more then like...
    7. heh...well just leave that alone....ive told you about my shit...
    • definitely hit the wrong key there, i wasnt done yet.
      8. youre right, im noone, so absolutely noone reads your thoghts, geeze man, youre thoughts are incredibly cherished by me. if noone else anyways...
      9. you could always live with me....*hugs*
      10. well yeah...im just not saying anything everything that matters to me has already been fixed.

      love always,
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