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Oh, I think I'm sick. Not the normal kind of 'worship the porcelain god' kinda sick, but the 'Oh God, just let the achyness STOP' kinda sick. Oy. My back hurts, my arms hurt, heck, even my eyes feel like they are nestled in a giant bruise that was lovingly crafted by a pro wrestler. And to make it worse, I am unable to take aspirin, because of my borderline hemophelia. But none of you wanna read about my ramblings, and I don't blame you. I am truly a pain to read when I'm sick. And I don't get sick often. Maybe once a year. And I'm pretty sure I know why I'm sick right now.

It was either staying up for two days straight to finish an English Paper (which I'm prolly gonna fail, anyway) or the dare to chug a beaker full of amoebic dysentery. But I'm pretty sure it's cause of the paper. Oy, I'm rambling.
So. Fever dreams. They kick ass. I like fever dreams so much better than regular dreams, so I guess being sick isn't all that bad. Hell, I think I'm gonna just add blankets to my bed so I can fever dream all the time. The dreams are just so much more vivid, and I like that. I like it alot.

So, Stacie, this means that I can't go out with you wednesday, or you run the risk of getting sick if you drag me outta the nice, warm bed. And I was looking forward to watching The Princess Bride with you. Stupid weakened immune system. Stupid me for stupid putting stupid school ahead of my stupid health and stupid well-being.

Wishing for ample amounts of Morphine,
Tags: bitchblogging, opinionriffic

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