Eddie (edminster) wrote,


So, KiD MANiK and I were watching the police question the owners of a minivan when KM stated that the only way he would own a minivan was if it were pimped out. So we started to list what you need to "pimp out" a minivan.
Here is our list:
Track Blacklighting

Beanbag chairs

"I'm the person your mother warned you about" stickers

handcuffs (because we were watching the police)



Ball gag

Gimp Mask

Power welding equipment, and

A Cheeto(tm)

As you can see, we were influenced heavily by the police and repressed memories. Beyond the police questioning us about the whereabouts of the van owner, today was a standard day. Except for the gerbil.

-Edminster (with special thanks to KiD MANiK)

Random Link of the Day:

Sweetwater Postnatal Abortion Clinic

For those fortieth trimester abortions...
Tags: linktastic

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