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I seem to be getting it a lot, lately. I'm not sure whether it is stress-related, or if there is something seriously wrong with me. Urgh. Nearly four in the morning and I am tired as f**k but I can't fall asleep. I'm f**king yawning as I type, but sleep does not come. I was literally laying in bed for a good... well, since midnight, and seein' as how I kept checking my watch, I thought it would be a good idea to just type out my current train of thought here... oh god I am so exhausted right now. And I have work in six hours. Today is not going to be fun. Anyway, that was really all I had to get out here, besides the new shirt idea... it'd be the 'We want YOU...' design on the back, with a little barcode that scans as 'Recruiter' on the front, where the little graphicy thingy normally goes...
Tags: bitchblogging, past midnight

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