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That was odd...

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!

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Alright, I was browsing through the archives of Loserz, when I noticed a few comics that F**KING PARALLEL MY LIFE. I'm serious. It was eerie stumbling across them...
Here they are.

Sister and her boyfriend
I swear this is word for word her complaint and reasoning.

Why I am the last to know everything
Well, maybe no bananas, but it gets the point across.

How I felt after knocking back a half dozen espresso at a coffee shop
Well, I don't hang from the ceiling, but I get strange synaptic misfirings.

Why I stopped watching television
Yeah, I haven't *really* just sat in front of a television and *watched* unless I have run out of books, or have nothing else non-brain-rotting to do. So, It's been about a year now. I mean, I go over to my Dad's house, and I watch the Daily Show, but beyond that, the TV stays off. You know, It's gotten kind of creepy, at my Mom's house. I have a TV, and a PS2 hooked up to it, and I haven't touched either one of them for so long that there is a layer of dust on them. Now, for normal people, that means a good month of undisturbed rest. At my Mom's place, Chuck keeps everything so scary clean that it takes at least four months to get any appreciable amount of dust on anything.

Oy! Fifteen minutes til 0100.
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