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That was odd...

It's gettin light out...

It's gettin light out...

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Guess that means I should get some sleep. And yes, I know that's an old joke, so please bear with me here. Ah, you know what? It is waaaay too early to start trying to be philosophical, or intellectual, or political. So I'm just gonna say something in simple words. People never fail to amaze me. I don't know why I expect people who are able to operate a moter vehicle at speeds in excess of forty kilometres per hour, to be able to SELECT A METHOD OF PAYMENT BEFORE SLIDING THE GORRAMMED CARD! Sorry. I know I shouldn't yell in the wee hours of the morning, but that has always pissed me off. I mean, it even says on the little screen, 'Please select Payment method,' followed by two little buttons, marked 'credit' and 'debit.' It's not rocket science. We're not asking you to solve a quadratic equation. All we are asking you to do, is read the instructions first. That's all. Then we wouldn't have to ask you to slide your card a second time, patiently explaining that it can't read the information on the card unless a payment method has been selected. Urgh. Sorry 'bout that. I know I shouldn't type about things that piss me off in the wee hours of the morning, but I had to say that. Anyway, I'ma finally go to sleep now, and I am more than likely gonna sleep til noon again. Then I have a Doctor's Appointment, followed by a blood donation, in memory of Heinlein. Just one of the ways I try to give back to the community.
  • Quadratic equations...how I hate them.
    • The Quadratic Formula. . . It's my friend. *sigh* Though I am terribly afraid that it will be corrupted in my near future by a higher level math, or physics. . . Then, it'll be my arch-rival and I'll hate all mathematics forever. . . though, the process of hating math has already begun. Meh, but for now, the formula is okay. . . plug and chug. Hmm, I wonder who first said that phrase. . . Plug. And. Chug.

      May I ask what it was the provoked your frustration with people choosing a payment method before proceeding to the next step? Hehe.

      Yay, a blood donation! :D I'd love to do that. . . the Red Cross was at my school yesterday taking blood from willing students, but I didn't meet their requirements. *sigh* Next year, perhaps. . .
      • I honestly have no idea. I was just pissed off at five in the morning, so I typed down what annoys me at work.
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