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That was odd...

Not part of this balanced breakfast.

Not part of this balanced breakfast.

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Yeah. Woke up around 1100, meaning I got a good six hours of sleep in. But surprisingly, I'm not that tired. More hungry than anything. And the hunger part isn't helped by me last eating food, oh, sometime yesterday, around this time. I've been seriously insomniac lately, and I've been losing weight, too. Part because I walk or bike everywhere, part because I don't really eat anymore, and part because this is my concept of lunch:
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Yeah. A bowl of strawberries, and a bowl of potato chips. Not what most nutritionists would call 'healthy eating.'
Whatever. It fits what I was craving, and it fits what I always want. I don't know why, but I've kinda lost all craving for actual, you know, food, and I just want something cold, juicy, sweet, crunchy, and salty. All at once. Not many foods out there fulfill that requirement. So, I'm kinda forced to eat strange things.
Oy. That's all for now, everybody have a nice day.
  • Sure your not pregnant? You seem to be showing all the signs. You could make a fortune from one of those 'full of crap' rag-sheets.
    • I'm fairly certain I'm not preggers...

      Yeah... I've been getting that comment from my family alot...
      But I'm fairly certain that you don't lose weight when you're pregnant.
      • Re: I'm fairly certain I'm not preggers...

        To the contrary, in the first month or so it is quite common to lose a few lbs. I completely understand the sweet & salt thing though. One morning for breakfast (5:30 am) I totally fell off the South Beach wagon and had cheesecake with chips & bar-b-que sauce.
        • Hmm. Didn't know that.
          But the Cheesecake and chips thing ignores the most inmortant part of my craving: Juicy. I just can't stand the thought of something thick and dry right now.
          • You're not letting yourself get dehydrated with all the walking and biking are you? The exercise is good for you but you need to push the fluids. God, now I just sound like a mom. Sorry.
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