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That was odd...

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, Please Look Around...

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, Please Look Around...

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Crappit. I have lost my wallet. Not good. But then again, it isn't all that bad. I mean, my Mom is completely freaking out, and is incredulous that I am so calm about this. She doesn't seem to realise that I don't keep as much stuff in there as most people do. All I normally have in it are my School and State ID's, and a crapload of supermarket club cards. Oh, and a Best Buy gift card that has $8.39(US) on it. As it also happens, however, I had my Debit card in it when I lost it. That is the only thing that worries me about being stolen. It has only $100(US) in it, but it can be used as a credit card and severely hurt me with overdraft fees. But I'm betting that it's either in Daphne's car, Stacie's car, or it is somewhere at work. Meh. If it's gone forever, I haven't lost much. Just a huge chunk of money and some ID.
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