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I am not entirely certain as to what I should write about... I don't really have any more memories of Lady, because I haven't been reminded of any lately. The only thing I have that springs to mind is how I have been adapting to my new sleep cycle. You know, I think I'll do just that, because it'll be an easy post, and I need to get some sleep early.

As the readers of my livejournal know, I have recently undergone a change in sleeping habits. Nothing too drastic, mind you, just a simple five-hour offset. It is interesting to note people's reactions, however, when I tell them I got to sleep at five in the morning. For some reason, most people assume that means that I was either a) Up all night partying, b) Up all night studying, or c) Up all night from stress.

Now, the people who assume I was out partying are an interesting lot. I am not entirely sure why, but it may be the little things they do. Like glancing at my inner arm from time to time, checking for the track marks of a drug user. Or possibly the way they start steering the conversation towards church, and community activities, in order to stay as far as possible from the topic of partying. Now, I find this extra hilarious, because anyone who knows me would know that I would never take drugs outside of those prescribed by my doctor, and that I generally stay away from the 'party' scene, since I am not comfortable to be surrounded by people.

You know what? I can't really think of anything else to say right now. I am really sorry to disappoint you all like that. As a token of my apology, please accept this random drama, created especially for my LJ.

I feel like I'm so infuriated! vita_morsque told me that zomb33z3 told wombat_socho and theevilboy that they saw me talking to reaper_ and talking crap about twilight_dusk. If I get my hands on them they'll be sorry!

And also I am so going to kick scytheboy out of the house. They wore my favorite anime shirt when that_crazy_kidd was visiting. I've never been so embarassed in my life!

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