March 27th, 2005


Happy Easter!

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I am reminded of a great quote by Bart Simpson:
"Jesus is born, I get presents. Jesus dies, I get chocolate. Works for me."
Sister is horribly ill, so I could not get to Easter Mass at my Church. So, I'm watching the religious channel on TV, and I'm gonna watch The Passion of The Christ later.
Hope everyone has a happy Easter, and eat as much chocolate as you can.

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I ate Taco Bell(tm) for dinner tonight. I had the misfortune of ordering a caramel apple empenada for dessert. My entire mouth hates me now. To say the thing tasted vile is insulting to the english language. It was worse than vile. So much worse, that in a Kung-Pow! style, I will make a new word for its horribleness. Nastyhorrible. Narrible. Yes, the empenadas are Narrible.

Back to High-Speed net access, so I got a picture an' a link for ya.
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You have to read the comments on the article; they are hilarious as well.