April 9th, 2005


A hypothetical situation.

So, today at work, one of our cashiers got "suspended," which is almost saying "fired," but with a chance that he will be back. Now, none of the managers are allowed to say anything as to why the suspension occured, so, with the help of another co-worker, I am able to present:
An Extremely Hypothetical Story that is in No Way Similar to Real People, Places, or Events.
This Morning, at AboveAverageDomesticatedAnimalz, a registerperson by the name of, uh... Mason, signed a statement saying that he and a co-laborer named, um... lessee here... OH! named "Mameron," yeah, "Mameron." were experimenting with illegal substances in the parking lot of AboveAverageDomesticatedAnimalz, and that those illegal substances were indeed, crack and marijuana. Now, Mameron is completely innocent, and is backed up by credible eyewitnesses, but, because of the signed statement, she is also suspended. This completely hypothetical story leaves only one competent registerperson during the week. Which sucks. Because now Steve is going to have to fill in for Mason instead of being at home doing homework and updating his Livejournal. And so ends our tale of completely hypothetical woe.
Urgh. I hate doing unscheduled work.