April 10th, 2005



So, I was checking in one of my lesser-used email accounts, when I came upon This Letter claiming that Google's G-Mail is an invasion of privacy. Well, I guess, in a sense, it is. But, in looking through the site, I didn't find the one suggestion that would make it all go away. YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE IT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO! The beauty of the system is that it is purely optional. I mean, Christ, man, it's not like there is a conspiracy to make Google the World's Only Information Nexus.
Oh, and then I have to show you an excerpt from the letter:
"Google has countered criticism of Gmail by highlighting that a computer, not a human, will scan the content of the e-mail, thereby making the system less invasive. We think a computer system, with its greater storage, memory, and associative ability than a human’s, could be just as invasive as a human listening to the communications, if not more so."
That is, of course, Google was using A.I. to sort the mail.
Btw, I'm sill giving out invites...
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