May 17th, 2005


Yaaay accomplishments!

I have finished the A-10 Warthog model I was building! Yaaaay! I know I promised my dad som piccies, so here they are.

First, a reference shot. The shiny thing near the nose is a penny. And yes, I know you are supposed to use quarters, but I used 'em all playing DDR
Image Hosted by

Second, we have the front view, of the nose and canopy.
Image Hosted by

Next, we have the engines.
Image Hosted by

And Finally, we have StarScream.
I'm StarScream, Bitch!

Well, Now that School is over, I gotta get me forty hours a week. I have already gotten up to 32 hours at superpetz, but that isn't good enough for my mom. So, I have to go out and find a job for one day a week. Here is how I imagine the conversation with the store owner going:

Me: Hello, shopkeep, are you hiring?
Shopkeeper: Yes! We are currently hiring for full-time supermodel oiler. The pay is seventy dollars an hour, and you get a one million dollar signing bonus.
Me: Well, I can only work for eight hours a week, because I have another job...
Shopkeeper: Are you insane? I can't let you work only eight hours! You'll just have to go begging for work elsewhere!
Me: Oh. Alright then. Sorry to have wasted your time.
Shopkeeper: You better be.

Anyways, twilight_dusk tagged me for a meme, but I'm too tired to do it right now. I promise I will, so don't worry.

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