June 2nd, 2005


I <3 Free Music, and I <3 Free Movies, and most of all, I <3 Stacie.

I have fallen in love. Well, I am in love with Stacie, but that's a different kind of love. (Hi Sugar Booger! Didja sleep well?)
I have fallen in love with the Newgrounds Audio Portal. Tons of music. Absolutely free. Now, I have to be honest and say that a large portion of it truly sucks, but it is redeemed by the rest of it. And did I mention it's free? They do:
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But, I digress. I have been strolling through the virtual hallways of Newgrounds lately, and have found some interesting Flash movies. Now, several of them are quite non-family-friendly, but that is to be expected from a site that first became popular for it's 'club-a-baby-seal" game. But I have been watching movies mainly for the sheer talent people have, and the raw creativity that oozes out of the top 50.

I have mentioned before my favourite Flash movie of all time (Hoy te Amo ++), and I must mention the most recent movies that have caught my attention.

First off, is Bunnykill 3 part 1, and yes, the name of it is a fairly accurate description of the contents. It is an incredibly interesting concept, however. A fluffy bunny assassin is sent to, *ahem* 'deal with' a scientist gone slightly mad. Now, this is a cliffhanger, but it really makes me want to see the conclusion.

Second in my lineup, is Final Fantasy A+, which proves that quality wins over blood. It is an incredibly well done animation done in the style of the old Final Fantasy games, but it adds an interesting twist.

Oh, crap. It's getting early. I need to get to sleep. I will continue adding more reviews, prolly every wednesday I'll review something from Newgrounds from now on.

And now, for the final part of my post:

Good Morning, Afternoon, Night, or whatever time it is out there in internet land! If you are reading this, and you are my girlfriend, I'd just like to take this opportunity to say: Good Morning! I love you so much, you adorable sleepyhead!
Now, as for the rest of you out there who aren't my girlfriend: Hello! I hope your day has been pleasant, or, if it has not started yet, I hope your day will be pleasant.

OH! Also, tomorrow is my Sister's birthday! w00t!

Well, this is.......Interesting...

Hmm. This is a very interesting feeling I have right now...
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imabeeinabox filled out the landscape game, and said something about mine that made me pause to think. She asked me if Home is where I really want to go after I die. And my response is, yes, I want that home to be where I go when I die, preferably having all my friends with me. I'll write about my interpretation of my answers later, but Im more interested in hearing about what everyone else interprets my answers to mean before I do.