June 5th, 2005



Wow. I'm not sure how to feel about someone who isn't in my immediate family worrying about me for not posting. I'm not sure whether to feel weirded out, or happy that someone has validated my existence...
But, yeah, imabeeinabox is right. I shouldn't have posted a dark and worrying entry, and then go MIA for a while. Not good manners. Sorry. Been busy with work, and playing catch-up with old friends. Which is, oddly enough, related to the rest of my post tonight.
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I'll get you next time, Skenvoy, I swear it.

Why, twilight_dusk, did you tag me for this? You do realise that it may end with me, right?

List your current six favorite songs, then pick six other people that have to do the same.
1. D.S.T.C. (Divinity Simplified, Then Complexificated) - Admiral Conquistador
2. Unforgettable Sins - Saint Isaiah
3. Sonic Jesus iPod - Dark6ix
4. Ode to a Legend - DJ Runaway
5. «!REFLECTIONS!» - DJ Spada (but I have a sneaking suspicion it isn't his...)
6. Tetris on Speed - HouseMasta

I tag the following:

And I'm fairly certain at least three of them won't participate.