June 7th, 2005

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Corrections and Opinions

So, I was speaking with my father on the phone today, and I heard some of the most glorious words to ever reach my ears. He told me that, if I continued updating my LJ, and paid him back the money, he would purchase a permanent account for me tonight. He also informed me of an error in a previous post. So, unlike many newsmedia sources today, I am putting out a correction, with an apology.

I had written that my Dad had purchased the PowerShot Pro1 Digital Camera for my sister, only to find she didn't like it, and therefore acquired for himself a shiny camera. This was incorrect, and I am sorry.

The truth is, he and my sister had gone to Penn Camera to try out some cameras. Having researched beforehand, my father had decided that he would be leaving the store with that camera, possibly two, if my sister liked it. She did not like it, so Dad only purchased one, for himself.

So, there you go. I have corrected my mistake, but I am leaving the original post as-is, with the exception of adding a link to this post. I do this because it would be wrong of me to destroy what I had said, simply because it was misinformed. Now, upon writing the previous sentence, I had the terrible urge to delete it. But I won't. Because I refuse to hide my flaws. I will, however, work to repair any damage done because of them. Hence, the correction.

I think I'm going to be forced to write a lot of corrections and apologies here, because I have a horribly spotty memory. This, in turn, affects my writing. But I will write more on this later, because it is a rather large subject, and I don't want to bore you with it right now.

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So, there you go. If you read the things behind the cut, please comment on them. If you didn't, you made a wise decision. Also, I have a question that anyone who reads TCR_A1's Blog should know the answer to.

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I was recently looking at the journals of my friends, and I noticed something interesting. When looked at from the right perspective, they are absolutely, gorram hilarious. And I don't mean that to sound heartless, or disrespectful. I just mean that, if you step back from being involved, you can see the humour in the situation.

As examples of my point, I am going to use posts from two people on LJ that I definitely respect. First up, is imabeeinabox who hails from Texas, and is definitely a second Mom to me.

Over the weekend, somebody with 'Too much time on their hands, and not enough brain cells in their head' smashed the rear windscreen on her car. Now, this, in itself, isn't funny, but what followed, when you step back from personal involvement, was hilarious.

Yesterday, a couple of people from the repair shop were supposed to replace the rear window. Now, what they were using was one of those windows with the built-in defroster, so it is more expensive than just plain safety glass. Because it was more expensive, the repair shop only had one in stock.

The repairmen dropped it.

I can imagine their boss informing them of the importance of that piece of glass, and how expensive it was. I can think about how careful these guys were in retrieving it from the stockroom. I can almost see the window traveling, in slow-motion, towards the ground, only to shatter into a million pieces.

And I can only dream about how they are going to explain this to their boss.

That, my friends, is where I see the funny. Not in the dropping of the glass, but in trying to come up with an explanation that would not end with them getting in trouble.

Now, I shall give you an example from myriadofemotion, who lives in Virginia, and is definitely one of the more intelligent people on the intarweb.

Over the weekend(funyy how most noteworthy stuff happens on the weekend), she was dragged along with her family to the Nascar races. She is not a fan of Nascar. She is not a fan of alcohol. She is not a fan of perverted Rednecks. And she certainly isn't a fan of all of them combined.

And yet, she still went to the race. I gues that's not so much funny as it is confusing. Ah, I give up. I'm not real good at retelling things to make 'em funny. I just see life that way, and if you don't, it'ud take too long for me to explain it.

Urgh. Sorry for the unfunny bit at the end, I just had a weird mood shift, and couldn't continue my train of thought. I shall quit trying to finish this right now, but I promise I'll try to explain things later.

Sadness, Sickness


I do stupid things. Not stupid enough to permanently disable me, mind you, but most of the stuff I do leaves some sort of permanent mark on my body. Usually a scar. But recently, I did some stupid things that I should have known were stupid in advance.

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