June 29th, 2005


Marcos Ramirez, Zombie Hunter (Beginning)

He awoke, as usual, to the incessant chirping of his cellular phone. "Dammit," he muttered, "What is so Gorram important at this unGodly hour?"
Pressing the 'send' button on the keypad, he blearily answered, "Hello?"
An obscenely chipper voice greeted him from the other end. "Hiya, chief! It's eight o'clock, and time for you to Rise and Shine!"
Somewhat startled, the man glanced at his watch, which read 0200. "Goddamit, Pip. I hate you so very much, you Danish bastard."
"Aww... I love you too, chief. Anyway, now that you're up, I got some interesting news for ya... There's a guy here."
Blearily rubbing the sleep from his eyes, the man simply asked, "...and?"
Unperturbed, Pip continued, "And he says he has a job for you."
"And what, pray tell," the man demanded, growing more and more irritated, "makes this news so important to me, at two in the fucking morning?"
"Well, chief, he asked for you by name. Marcos Ramirez."