September 8th, 2005


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Crap... I completely forgot about my photos... Hrmmm. Well I guess I'll just have to tag yesterday's post as 'broken promises' and continue my wonky updatification. Anyway, this is the only photo I have right now that I think kicks ass at full size. I just love the texture in it. Anyway, behind the cut is a thumbnail, click on it to get the full view. Be warned however, that full view is HUGE.

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Regarding my Teeth

So, today, I had a dentist's appointment.

My wisdom teeth are riddled with cavities.

But that's okay, they're impacted, so they have to be removed anyway.

Which I find to be weird, because I have no pain in them whatsoever.

Also, I have apparently been grinding my teeth from stress.

My canines are now incisors.

At least I'm not on fire.