November 13th, 2005



Right. I apologise for leaving you all in the lurch like that; I've just had a few too many system shocks lately. Unfortunately for you, however, this means that I am dropping out of NaNoWriMo. I just can't find my muse. Rest assured, I'll pick up writing again in a little while, as soon as my self-confidence reaches acceptable levels, but in the meantime I got nothin'.

In looking over all of my posts, I can see how much I've matured in a fairly short amount of time. Not even a year ago, typing this much and sharing it with the world would have been unthinkable to the point of absurdity. I was a very shy kid who attempted to compensate for his social ineptitude by using large words, like 'compensate' and 'ineptitude'.

But, in the manner of everything in the universe, I got older. No longer am I concerned about utter perfection in my literary endeavors. I still aspire to write in a manner as captivating as Heinlein, but I know that it will take years of hard work and dedication. I am still somewhat impatient with myself, especially in regards to actually getting things done, but I'm doing better.

Grah. Stupid shiney things on the intarweb. Got all distractificated, and now I'm making up words. Goodnight!