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That was odd...



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Not sure how I feel about working on Memorial Day. Also not sure how I feel about the incredible number of people who treat it as an excuse to, and I am quoting here, "Get absolutely sh**faced with my friends."

Oy. I may write on this later, or I might write on my past, or I might write about Lady. Or, I could write about the dozen odd other things I have three paragraph starts in, but haven't finished.

But I'm not sure anymore. Just a whole lotta stuff I gotta do, lately.

Oh! And Thanks, imabeeinabox, for adding me to your friendslist!
  • :)
  • A lot of people look at holidays - any holiday, pick one, doesn't matter - as just an excuse to tke a day off and get hammered. Says quite a bit about them, but nothing good.
  • Fuck updating

    Keep quality over quantity. This ain't a diary, this is a journal. Daily updating isn't imperative.

    Update when you feel compelled to do so. :)
    • Re: Fuck updating

      Update when you feel compelled to do so but also remember that a photographer snaps a lot of shots in order to get that one great picture.
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