January 25th, 2006


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A blank page and a blinking text cursor. Those are the things I see when I have writer's block. But not for long. I usually close the browser window, or move on to checking a website for the umpteenth time in a day. Just to avoid writing. Why? Because I haven't felt able to speak my mind.

A lot has happened to me this new calendar year, and it's barely even started. Of course, it's already been around four months according to MY calendar, but that makes the following things sound slightly less impressive. C'est la vie.

Hmm... This slightly retrospective mood puts me in the mood to write some Fiction. How about another excerpt from the Memoirs of Craig Retsnimde?

Craig X. Retsnimde

Memoirs of Craig X. Retsnimde (Introduction)

I have lived a very full, and some may say, unbelievable life. I admit that there have been times where I have questioned my own sanity, and I can also plainly state that some of these events which I am putting down for posterity seem to defy the known laws of the Universe. However, these happenings are well-documented historically, and if you cannot suspend your disbelief for the time you read this, I implore you to visit your local library to verify the doubts you harbour.

These memoirs are not just for future generations, though. I have recently discovered that my own mind is beginning to slip away from me. I cannot recall names and faces with the clarity of my youth, nor can I be certain as to when in my life things happened. In short, I am recording my memories as a way to keep some sort of grasp on who I was, who I am, and who I will be. I apologise in advance if anything seems to be fragmented; I am doing the best I can. Please realise that while I am trying my best to keep these glimpses of my life as complete as possible, there are some things which I am unable to fully remember.

With all of that said, I must now be brutally honest with everyone associated with these Memoirs. I cannot guarantee the accuracy contained within this book. Know only that this is the product of a failing mind trying desperately to glean something significant from the cobwebbed recesses of weakening memory. As long as I am able, I shall attempt to verify the events of my life with close friends and family. Unfortunately, since I am getting on in years, there aren't as many of them as I would like.

So, please remember as you read this collection of my life that, while I believe it to be real, I do not know for sure.

-Craig Xerxes Retsnimde