November 1st, 2006


Gore Movies

More and more it seems to me that there is a disturbing trend amongst modern cinema. That trend, my friends, is needless suffering. The remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Rest Stop. Feast. And, what I have just returned from watching, Saw III. A have long since avowed that there is no point in calling any form of cruelty 'entertainment', and this opinion has only been strengthened by the third installment of the Saw series. The movie was beyond pointless, and I hope to never be dragged along to another such event. To be completely honest, the movie was so overtly cruel, it made me bleed. Wow, this is interesting.Sitting here at a computer desk, simply recalling scenes from the movie is giving me a nosebleed. Sometimes an incredibly low tolerance for the suffering of others can be irksome. Grah, let me just end with this: There is something fundamentally wrong with a culture that regards wonton carnage as a fun night out.
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Sadness, Sickness


I have laryngitis. It sucks. On the plus side, since my job requires lots of speaking, I have a good excuse to stay home from work. Still, throat hurts like hell.
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