June 6th, 2007


Okay, maybe not...

Several bits of information for the updatification of this journalblogdiaryinternetbook!
I own a car! Kind of! Still need to finish paying my Mom for it! Thanks, Mom!
'98 white Honda Accord, for the curious.
Still need to get a driver's license.
Have a new manager at my job! He was just my co-worker, now he's my boss. Hopefully, the power doesn't go to his head. It probably won't, but I'm always cautious.
Project of last update is scrapped until I get access to non-battery-powered tools, as my portable dremel dies way too quickly to be of much use.

However, I do have a sub-proect that I'm going to try to start. Not gonna tell you what it is, since I'm not sure if it'll work.
Still need to get my knee looked at, will put this off as long as possible. Because I'm retarded.
Still enjoy my life, my job, and my friends.
Re-reading The Chronicles of Amber.
Still behind on my membership dues to The Heinlein Society.
Still paying it forward, and encouraging others to do the same.
Gave away my copy of Fahrenheit 451 to promote literacy and social awareness.
Have made several new friends.
Found new and interesting music.
Discovered a passion for silver rings.

That's all for now.
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