December 10th, 2008


Gotta pack it away.

Right. So, apparently rush hour starts somewhere around 15:30. Headed out from Grandmother's house at 16:00, ended outside Dad's house at 18:00. Fifty miles, in two hours. On the beltway. In the rain. During rush hour. My nerves are frazzled. As it is, I've had about two hours to unwind and pack more stuff. At the moment the worry is over whether the attic can hold as many books as I would like. All told I think I have about a hundred pounds shy of a quarter-ton of books.

I really need to trim down the amount of stuff that I own. If I combined everything I owned, it would easily reach the half-ton mark. Far too much for one person. Really, all I want out of life is a place to store my books, and a place to sleep. Also, a kitchen that is fully-stocked. That would be jawesome. Still tired, still wishing I was employed, still wanting to sleep through the day.

Goodnight everybody, and stay safe out there.
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