January 27th, 2009


Not sick anymore! Woo!

I was sick earlier, but I sacrificed a couple of squirrels to Hygieia, so everything is feeling tip-top right now. Man, everything's been so much better since all of the Gods and Goddesses are back. Sure, there was a brief period of time where everyone was confused about who to pray to for what, but that got fixed when the Deipedia was put online.

It's great, you know? And since all the returning Gods are desperate for followers right now, your prayers get answered within an hour. Some of them are even instituting a thirty minutes or fewer guarantee, which is just bonus. Of course, the Big Three are unhappy with the sudden return of competition.

YHWH, God, and Allah. Such a group of pansies. They're getting their panties in a bunch by refusing to answer the prayers of anyone who's used the competition, ever. To me, that just seems vindictive and petty, you know? After all, they don't offer any assurance that they are actually listening when you pray or offer sacrifices.

Poseidon? Offer up a fitting sacrifice and he'll answer your prayer in twenty-seven minutes flat. AND he doesn't care if you also pay homage to Kukulkan, so why are the B3 so uptight? I don't understand it. All I know is, everything's been awesome now that we have more choices.


Does anyone else hate the fact that it doesn't really snow anymore? All we get now is big flakes of lard from some unidentified source. On the one hand, yeah, it's not that freezing pain that snow was. On the other hand, it's an even bigger mess to take care of after the fact. Do you know how much degreaser I go through during the winter now? But on the gripping hand, it's just a religious fiasco.

We've got Jews and Muslims and Seventh-day Adventists bitching that it's pork fat, we've got Hindu people screaming that it's beef fat, we've got Vegans going nuts because it's fat period, and we've got conspiracy theorists saying that it's The Illuminati in one of their typically inscrutable plans. Seriously, get a life you people! All it is is another thing we have to deal with.

At least it's not as cold.