January 30th, 2009


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So! I was supposed to have the Interview today, but when the appointed time rolled around, it was discovered that the interviewer did not have the proper paperwork, so the interview has once again been pushed back, this time until Tuesday. Huzzah Bureaucracy?


Right. So, a while back I mentioned that my playlist is a mere six songs played over and over. Now, I have finally figured out how to set up an account with a file-sharing service, so I can pass these songs on to you! Since I'm really only going to use the service to send out a single 21.2MB file, I feel rather silly for doing it. However, I think the effort will be worth it if anyone else enjoys the music.

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So, now that I've given as much a preview as I can, here are the songs. Hopefully you enjoy, and if you have any earworms that you listen to on purpose I would love to know what they are. Goodnight everybody, and stay safe out there.
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