September 16th, 2009


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Years ago, I was watching an episode of Premium Blend as hosted by Harland Williams.

One of the comics was an attractive young woman dressed in black with one of those Punching Nun puppets. The Nun was pointed directly at the young lady's face, and as she started telling a joke the nun would punch her. Repeatedly. This interrupted the joke, and the Comedienne would switch to a different joke (possibly in a vain effort to appease the Nun). This continued for a couple of minutes with the nun getting more violent and the woman becoming more and more distraught. By the end of five minutes the poor girl is openly sobbing as the nun continues to pummel her delicate features, and Harland ends up gently escorting her offstage, attempting to soothe her with calm and gentle words.

To this day I do not know whether I watched a person have a mental breakdown or the greatest short-form comedy routine that has ever been performed.
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