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That was odd...

The Landscape thingamajig

The Landscape thingamajig

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So, a while ago, wombat_socho filled out this weird test/quiz/meme/whatever, and I have been hesitant to use it. Not because I thought it was stupid, though. Far from it. I was kind of hesitant because it is a serious little meme, and I wasn't sure if I should post it here or not. So, it being 0515 as of me writing this sentence, I have decided to post it with my answers before going to bed. So, here goes.

1) You are sleeping and you dream. Describe your dream
I am flying above hillsides, but not very far off the ground. Everyonce in a while, I touch down on the ground only to launch myself back into the air with a mighty leap.

2) You wake up in a house. The house can be anywhere within the world. Describe the house and where it is located in the world.
The house is a simple two story house, not including the basement, which doubles as a fallout shelter. It is located on a small hillside, with a garden that surrounds the house. Somewhere inside, a delicious meal is cooking, and there are many shelves filled with books.

3) When you wake up, what time is it?
Around eight in the morning. Sun's been up a while, but the day is still young.

4) You get up and go into the kitchen. What kind of kitchen is in this house?
Kind of an old fashioned kitchen, with cast iron skillets hanging from hooks above the gas stove. There is a skillet of cornbread cooking, and a stew in the crockpot.

5) You are going out for a walk. As you go to the door, you notice the trees around the house. How many are there and how are they placed in relation to the house?
There are many trees to the sides of the house, mostly mulberry, but in the front yard is a tree that looks like it was grown especially for climbing. Behind the house is a forest of a large variety of trees.

6) You are following a winding path of stones and sand, past rocks and dry reeds that rattle and hum in the breeze. You crest a rise and start down. Looking around you see, beside the path, a bowl which you pick up and carry with you. Describe the bowl.
A simple bowl, with a chip on the rim. It looks to be hand-made, and painted with a light blue stripe around the top.

7) The path moves on past ruins, there are false turnings everywhere, but you move straight on. Beside the path you see a key which you pick up and carry with you. What is the key like?
An old skeleton key, made of heavy iron. It has seen plenty of use.

8) The path moves out of a forest into the open. It grows hot. You find yourself at a body of water. What kind of body of water is it and what do you do when you come up to it?
It is a large lake, relatively clean, with a spotless beach. I gingerly stick a toe into the water to see if it is warm, and dive right in when I discover how nice it feels.

9) You move on along the path and, after some time you come to a wall. What is the wall made of? What you do when you come to it?
The wall is made of rough-hewn stone, partly overgrown with Ivy. When I come to the wall, I admire the complementary image of artificial and organic, and climb over.

10) What lies beyond the wall?
The house I had left earlier surrounded by mulberry trees and the special climby one out front.

Right. an explanation as to what this all means is at the bottom of this page, but I suggest you fill out the questions for yourself first, otherwise you will be biased in your answers. As for me, it is now 0526, and I needs me some sleep.
  • It's definitely weird, and I agonized for a while before deciding to go ahead and fill it out.
  • I really liked your answer to #8

    You have a free spirit and really don’t want to be grounded where you are right now but there is a part of you that feels a tie or responsibility to your present situation. You want to build a life where you and the family you will have feel safe and comfortable. (I think you question the security of society in general and the world as a whole.) You feel like you have learned a few important lessons on the road to maturity but still have a lot to learn. You would like one day to have a family of your own that is what we think of as traditional with strong ties to each other and who find comfort in each other. You enjoy being around people in general and enjoy diversity. You limit the number of close friends you have. The number of people you trust enough to really confide your most serious thoughts and fears with is even smaller, maybe just one and you feel like that person needs to be strong enough to handle what you have to share with them. You have an artistic streak but may feel like it is more craft or technical skill than art. You don’t trust your artistic abilities. You feel like structured religion is out dated and oppressive and you are questioning your spirituality and your need for it. You realize the potential greatness of sexuality but see that there are also risks that could lead to uncomfortable consequences. You enter into this type of relationship cautiously but once you feel trust & security you give yourself to it completely. You have a curiosity about death and see that when it comes there are many ways to look at it(don’t want to lose them but don’t want them to suffer)but when it comes you accept it. You do have an underlying faith that when your time comes you will be again with those that you have loved and lost.

    Okay, this was really an interesting exercise given I’ve never met you. I’ll be interested to know how far off I am.
    • Re: I really liked your answer to #8

      Well, you were disturbingly close, for the most part. In looking at my answers, and checking what the questions really mean, I got much the same thing. Though I am curious, how much of your response was biased by my previous posts?
      • Re: I really liked your answer to #8

        That's really hard to say. I always seem to nest away little bits of information that I don't even realize at the time when I'm getting to know someone. I have picked up from reading your journal that you take things and feel things more seriously on the inside than you allow to be seen on the outside. Also, I've found that when a person has anger control issues (as mentioned in an earlier post) it stems from insecurity and frustration in knowing how to handle a particular situation and just comes out as anger. #10, of course, was based on your reply to my earlier question but I think I would have answered the same had you not posted it. (And in that reply I was also referring to the home mentioned in your response.) Other than that I pretty much just went by the interpretation guide. On the other hand, I had a real problem trying to figure out some of my answers based on the guide.
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